Supercritical is a new company, we incorporated in January 2021. We commit to being net zero by the end of 2021. Our mission is to help businesses get to net zero and to provide access to high quality, permanent carbon removal offsets. We need to set an example of how modern businesses can and should operate in a climate crisis and we’re lucky enough to start from day one. We also know that by dogfooding our own product, we’ll feel how painful the process is and make it as great as possible. We understand that conventional offsets that pay others not to emit (emissions avoidance or reduction) simply aren’t good enough when we have mere decades left to avoid a climate disaster. As Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, has said, “[P]aying someone not to emit carbon is literally paying someone to do nothing. And we know we won’t solve the climate crisis by doing nothing.” We’re working with our customers to make big changes in how they operate, to reduce their emission sources, and to hold ourselves fully responsible for the emissions we can’t reduce by removing them from the atmosphere and storing them permanently. All net zero scenarios to stay below 1.5°C require carbon removal. We’ve simply left it too long to fix the climate crisis. Carbon removal is now a must-have solution in addition to emissions reduction. Even with conservative estimates, we’ll have to scale up to 8 gT CO₂ removed annually, when we’ve only removed a few thousand tonnes to date. It’s our mission to catalyze demand for carbon removal and help it scale to the level required to avert a climate disaster and we seek like-minded, ambitious companies to join us in our journey.
The commitments we’re making
As part of our net zero commitment, we will: See the progress we‘ve made on measuring, reducing, and removing our carbon footprint by downloading our 2021 Carbon Footprint Report.