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Easily measure, reduce, and remove your company’s carbon footprint with high-quality carbon removal — the only legitimate route to net zero.

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Our carbon accounting platform makes it easy for you to measure your carbon footprint, comply with regulation like SECR and TCFD, and make a plan to get to net zero.

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Carbon removal marketplace

If you’re looking to buy carbon removal offsets, our carbon removal marketplace provides access to the best carbon removal on the market, in one easy transaction.

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Our climate team ensures only durable, high-quality carbon removal makes it onto the Supercritical marketplace.

Each project has to pass through our rigorous 8-point vetting process, with fewer than 6% making the cut.

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  • Biochar


    Biochar is a stable, charcoal-like substance that is created when biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen.

    £145/t • Durability medium
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  • Enhanced weathering

    Enhanced weathering

    Weathering is a natural process that occurs when rainwater absorbs CO₂ and then reacts with rocks.

    £218/t • Durability high
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  • Direct air capture

    Direct air capture

    DAC works by absorbing carbon dioxide from atmospheric air, and extracting pure CO₂ to permanently store underground.

    £533/t • Durability high
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  • Bio-oil


    Bio-oil is created when biomass undergoes a fast pyrolysis process. It is then injected underground for storage.

    £607/t • Durability high
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  • Tree planting

    Tree planting

    Trees convert CO₂ into biomass via photosynthesis, which is stored as long as the tree stays alive.

    £36/t • Durability low
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Carbon removal

The only platform to exclusively sell high-quality
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carbon removal
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The most ambitious companies are making net zero commitments. To reach net zero, the emissions businesses create must be balanced by the same amount of carbon permanently removed from the atmosphere.

Leading industry standards like SBTi and ISO have stated that only durable carbon removal counts towards net zero. Supercritical is the only platform exclusively selling high-quality carbon removal, creating a legitimate path to net zero.

Conventional offsets

pay others not to emit...

Diagram showing that conventional offsets pay others not to emit, leaving your carbon emissions in the atmosphere and achieving nothing towards your net zero goals
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Carbon removal offsets

actually remove carbon
from the atmosphere...

Diagram showing that carbon removal is the only way to achieve net zero because they remove your carbon emissions from the atmosphere
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The path to net zero starts here.

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