Climate 100 UK

Supercritical built the Climate 100 to celebrate progress towards net zero, but also to invite tech startups and VCs to double down on climate action.

14,000x. That’s how much annual carbon removal rates need to grow to meet 2050 requirements, according to the IPCC. That’s approximately the growth Amazon has experienced since 1997. That sort of hypergrowth is in the DNA of tech companies - and it’s why we believe that tech companies are up to the challenge.

Supercritical helps you measure, reduce, and remove your company’s carbon footprint. You receive a detailed emissions report and actionable recommendations tailored to your company, and your budget.

Ambitious companies that are serious about climate action should both reduce their emissions as much as possible, and pay for carbon removal. The good news is, you can start removing carbon from the atmosphere now.

We offer high-quality carbon removal, which means actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere. In contrast, conventional offsetting usually entails paying others to emit less while your own emissions remain the same. Conventional offsetting is good, but it’s not good enough. There is no way to maintain a habitable planet without carbon removal.

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