Climate 100 UK
  1. #1 Avg. Climate Score: 37


    Investments: Monzo Bank, Tide, Yulife, Impala, Zego, Yapily, Accurx, Wagestream (formerly Earnd), Multiverse, Motorway +9 more

  2. #2 Avg. Climate Score: 34


    Investments: Tide, Impala, Sylvera, Dronamics, Ledgy, Doccla, Curve, Primer, Toqio, YardLink +3 more

  3. #3 Avg. Climate Score: 32


    Investments: Monzo Bank, Everledger, Oxbotica, Bit bio, SenSat, Previse, Secondmind, Pocket FM, Omnipresent, Hadean +2 more

  4. #4 Avg. Climate Score: 31

    Hambro Perks

    Investments: Tide, what3words, Moneybox, Daye, RedSift, Previse, Peppy,, Shift, PrimaryBid +7 more

  5. #5 Avg. Climate Score: 28

    Molten Ventures (Formerly Draper Esprit)

    Investments: Allplants, Satellite Vu, Altruistiq, Revolut, XMOS, Ieso Digital Health, Perkbox, causaLens, Thought Machine, FintechOS +11 more

  6. #6 Avg. Climate Score: 27

    Salesforce Ventures

    Investments: Onfido, Sylvera, GoCardless, Multiverse, Hopin, Privitar, Snoop, Circulor, Aforza, Sequence

  7. #7 Avg. Climate Score: 24

    Force Over Mass Capital

    Investments: what3words, Ometria, SenSat, Vidsy, Banked, Adhara, Weavr, dopay, Penfold, Outfund

  8. #8 Avg. Climate Score: 24

    Passion Capital

    Investments: Monzo Bank, Tide, GoCardless, Butternut Box, Secondmind, Urban Massage, Marshmallow, Lendable, PolyAI, Ravelin +5 more

  9. #9 Avg. Climate Score: 22


    Investments: Monzo Bank, Soldo, GoCardless, OLIO, Carwow, Qogita, Teya, Zepz (WorldRemit), Hopin, Callsign +8 more

  10. #10 Avg. Climate Score: 22

    Samos Investments

    Investments: Ometria, Moneybox, Carwow, Signal AI, Papier, Doctify, Kheiron Medical Technologies, Urban Massage, Curve, Zencargo +5 more

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  12. #11 Avg. Climate Score: 19

    Notion Capital

    Investments: Yulife, GoCardless, Element, Paddle, Panaseer, Vortexa, Hokodo, Griffin, Easol, Cledara +3 more

  13. #12 Avg. Climate Score: 19


    Investments: GoCardless, Nothing, Multiverse, OMass Therapeutics, Synthesia, Gravity Sketch, Ultromics, nPlan, Mestag Therapeutics, Rooser

  14. #13 Avg. Climate Score: 18

    Index Ventures

    Investments: Sylvera, Daye, Revolut, Beamery, Birdie, Sourceful, Multiverse, Motorway, Sofar Sounds, EDITED +13 more

  15. #14 Avg. Climate Score: 18


    Investments: Tide, Faculty, Yulife, Zego, Sylvera, Yapily, Accurx, Beamery, Motorway, Signal AI +29 more

  16. #15 Avg. Climate Score: 18

    Octopus Ventures

    Investments: Origami Energy, Ometria, Allplants, OLIO, Raylo, Bondaval, XYZ Reality,, KatKin, Sofar Sounds +25 more

  17. #16 Avg. Climate Score: 18

    Balderton Capital

    Investments: Zego, Sylvera, Revolut, GoCardless, Wagestream (formerly Earnd), Carwow, ZOE Health, Lendable, Cleo, Lyst +14 more

  18. #17 Avg. Climate Score: 18

    Y Combinator

    Investments: Monzo Bank, GoCardless, Prolific, Permutive, Let’s Do This, Easol, Duffel, Ochre Bio, BIOS, Stacker +2 more

  19. #18 Avg. Climate Score: 17

    MMC Ventures

    Investments: Yulife, Gousto, RedSift, Signal AI, Peak, Copper, Synthesia, Elder, Masabi, Ably +7 more

  20. #19 Avg. Climate Score: 16

    Anthemis Group

    Investments: Tide, Yulife, Monese, Numan, Unmind, Hokodo, Weavr, Hometree, Cledara, Flock +2 more

  21. #20 Avg. Climate Score: 16

    Plug and Play

    Investments: what3words, Onfido, Sylvera, Notpla, Dronamics, causaLens, Divido,, Yoti, PaySend +23 more

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  23. #21 Avg. Climate Score: 15

    London Co-Investment Fund

    Investments: Lifebit, Wagestream (formerly Earnd), Superscript, Cognism, Urban Massage, Curve, hackajob, 9fin, Ably, Kyra +1 more

  24. #22 Avg. Climate Score: 13

    JamJar Investments

    Investments: what3words, Papier, Countingup, Streetbees, ONTO, Electric Playbox, Electric Gamebox, Generation Home, Farewill, SPOKE +1 more

  25. #23 Avg. Climate Score: 13

    EQT Ventures

    Investments: Nothing, Beamery,, Cleo, Unmind, VOLT Open Banking, Permutive, Let’s Do This, Griffin, Cytora

  26. #24 Avg. Climate Score: 12

    Amadeus Capital Partners

    Investments: XMOS, PhoreMost, XYZ Reality, Doctify, Speechmatics, Secondmind, Improbable, PolyAI, Paragraf, Ravelin +10 more

  27. #25 Avg. Climate Score: 10


    Investments: Fnatic, Papier, Doctify, Abzena, Blis, EDITED, The Plum Guide, Lantum, DeepCrawl, Chattermill +2 more

  28. #26 Avg. Climate Score: 10

    Kiko Ventures

    Investments: Ieso Digital Health, Oxbotica, Garrison Technology, Genomics plc, Bramble Energy, Diffblue, Navenio, MoA Technology, Crescendo Biologics (Formerly Translocus), Accelercomm +4 more

  29. #27 Avg. Climate Score: 10


    Investments: Sylvera, Winnow, Revolut, Superscript, Peppy, Hopin, Monese, Curve, Synthesia, Rossum +20 more

  30. #28 Avg. Climate Score: 10

    British Patient Capital (BPC)

    Investments: Accurx, OMass Therapeutics, Thought Machine, Perspectum, Paragraf, CloudNC, CyberSmart, Microbiotica, Quantum Motion, Nucleome Therapeutics

  31. #29 Avg. Climate Score: 9

    FJ Labs

    Investments: Revolut, Bondaval, Qogita, Teya,, Ramp, Manual, Vortexa, Beacon, Let’s Do This +5 more

  32. #30 Avg. Climate Score: 9

    IQ Capital

    Investments: causaLens, Divido, Speechmatics, Nyobolt, Thought Machine, Paragraf, Privitar, CybSafe, BMLL Technologies, CyberSmart +5 more

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  34. #31 Avg. Climate Score: 6

    firstminute capital

    Investments: Element, Wayve, Ramp, Automata, Kyra, Generation Home, Shop Circle, Agile Analog, Elephant Healthcare, Argent +2 more

  35. #32 Avg. Climate Score: 6

    Kindred Capital

    Investments: Daye, Paddle, Disperse, Gravity Sketch, Hofy, Animal Dynamics, Gaia, Ori Biotech, Farewill, LabGenius +3 more

  36. #33 Avg. Climate Score: 5


    Investments: Peppy, WeGift, Speechmatics, Achilles Therapeutics, Elliptic, Limitless, Panaseer, Seldon, Toqio, Bramble Energy +1 more

  37. #34 Avg. Climate Score: 4

    CRT Pioneer Fund

    Investments: Oxbotica, OMass Therapeutics, Perspectum, Achilles Therapeutics, Osler Diagnostics, Genomics plc, Mind Foundry, Ultromics, Diffblue, Navenio +7 more

  38. #35 Avg. Climate Score: 3

    Oxford Science Enterprises

    Investments: Prolific, OMass Therapeutics, Perspectum, ONI, Osler Diagnostics, Genomics plc, Animal Dynamics, Mind Foundry, Ultromics, Diffblue +7 more