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New Biochar market outlook report: 30x growth but 88% is from low quality credits.

Access the carbon removal market with confidence

One third of corporate buyers use Supercritical’s marketplace to navigate the carbon removal market, build portfolios of high-quality vetted credits, and securely transact across spot purchases and offtake agreements.

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Companies shaping the future

1/3 of corporate buyers purchase from Supercritical

Build a diverse portfolio of carbon removal offsets

Multiple carbon removal methods
We offer seven carbon removal methods varying in permanence, so you can take climate action today and invest in the technology for tomorrow.
Portfolio builder
Build your bespoke portfolio from carbon removal offsets sourced across 100s of rigorously vetted projects.
Build your portfolio now

De-risked by design so you can act with confidence

Comprehensive vetting
Our rigorous scientific and commercial vetting process minimizes risk. We look at 100s of dimensions across environmental, market, and delivery risk categories.
We've partnered with Kita, the carbon insurance specialist, to de-risk delivery of your offsets.
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Efficiently allocate your carbon budget

Deep market insights
Gather up to date and accurate insights on market and pricing dynamics to buy at the right price and the right time.
Devise your budget
Flexible purchase options

Credits when and where you need them

How we work

The carbon removal platform

  1. 1

    We rigorously vet projects

    Supercritical scientists and supply managers rigorously vet carbon removal projects across 100s of dimensions in environmental, market, and delivery risk categories before they are added to our platform.

  2. 2

    You build your portfolio

    You build and buy a trusted portfolio from projects and methods that meet your method, volume, vintage, location, price, delivery timeframe, and any other requirements of your carbon removal strategy.

  3. 3

    Receive your credits

    Your carbon removal credits are delivered with near-zero risk allowing you to make progress towards your net zero targets while helping to scale the carbon removal market.

Use cases

  • For enterprises

    Hit your climate goals

    For enterprises

    Hit your climate goals

    Buy carbon removal offsets to remove a portion or all of your emissions so you can make progress against your climate plan.

    Diverse, de-risked portfolio with flexible purchase options that allow for efficient allocation of carbon budget while hitting goals on time.

    For enterprises with serious voluntary carbon reduction and net zero targets, plus the real budget to make a difference today.

  • For property development

    Net zero carbon buildings

    For property development

    Net zero carbon buildings

    Remain within WGBC guidance and PAS standards by removing the emissions you can't offset from new buildings or retrofits.

    Long-term, de-risked purchase options to allow for efficient allocation of carbon budget and delivery alongside buildings. Potential insetting benefits.

    For property development funds, property developers.

  • For event organizers

    Offsetting event emissions

    For event organizers

    Offsetting event emissions

    Offset some or all of the emissions for events which includes attendee travel, food, and venue build.

    Slush partnered with Supercritical to offset their 2023 emissions. They relied on us to provide a diverse portfolio of trusted carbon removal projects.

    For event organizers with more than 5,000 attendees.

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