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Supercritical’s marketplace helps corporate buyers navigate the carbon removal market, build portfolios of vetted credits, and securely transact spot purchases and offtake agreements. Access five million tonnes of high-quality removals.

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⅓ of corporate buyers purchase through our marketplace

Deeply understand the carbon removal market

Our marketplace provides a single, live view of availability and pricing across five million tonnes of removals. Set an informed, data-driven CDR strategy and procurement plan. Never blindly RFP the market again.

Build a portfolio of credits you can trust

Every project in the marketplace receives a score through our science-driven, commercially-focused vetting protocols. Covering 118 criteria, this rigorous evaluation yields top-line scores, allowing you to objectively compare projects and evaluate quality, ensuring you can buy with genuine confidence.

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Transact like an expert with Supercritical contracts

Simplify transactions with a single Supercritical contract, even for multiple projects across spot purchases or offtake agreements. Our robust, standardized contracts incorporate four years of CDR market expertise, mitigating unique CDR risks and edge cases to ensure quick, easy, and secure transactions.

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Manage your credits through their lifecycle

Manage all your credit purchases, deliveries, and retirements in a single place. Oversee transactions, monitor deliveries, and retire your credits when ready and keep your decarbonization plan on track.

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Supercritical, a carbon removal marketplace, raises $13M Series A led by Lightspeed Venture Partners

Explore the science behind carbon removal

  • Biochar

    Biochar is charcoal-like material rich in stable carbon. It is produced by heating biomass in an oxygen-limited environment in a process called pyrolysis.

    Permanence: MEDIUM From: £130/t
  • Enhanced weathering

    Enhanced rock weathering (ERW) takes natural weathering of silicate rocks that removes & mineralizes atmospheric CO₂ and speeds it up dramatically.

    Permanence: HIGH From: £246/t
  • Woody biomass sinking

    This is a method that sequesters carbon by submerging leftover woody materials in the oxygen-depleted layer of the Black Sea, which is approximately 2 kilometers deep.

    Permanence: MEDIUM From: £296/t
  • Direct air capture

    Direct air capture (DAC) is a chemical process to capture ambient CO₂ from the atmosphere.

    Permanence: HIGH From: £488/t
  • Bio-oil

    Bio-oil and biochar production both convert waste biomass through pyrolysis. Bio-oil is a liquid stored in geological repositories, while biochar is applied to soils.

    Permanence: HIGH From: £592/t
  • DAC with ocean storage

    This employs seawater electrolysis to capture and convert atmospheric CO₂ into carbonate solids for construction and permanently stores dissolved bicarbonate ions in the ocean.

    Permanence: HIGH From: £641/t
  • Tree planting

    Afforestation and forest restoration, if done effectively, combat climate change by removing carbon dioxide and protecting biodiversity.

    Permanence: LOW From: £41/t

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